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Embassy Of Dining makes sure restaurants don’t have to worry about their social media, marketing and other creative work. In other words: they make sure a restaurant can do what a restaurant should do best: making delicious food. In the same spirit we made sure that Embassy Of Dining doesn’t have to worry about it’s website, branding and promotion photography.

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Branding & product photography

The way someone dresses says a lot about their attitude and branding tells a lot about the profile of your company. We gave Embassy Of Dining a complete visual branding and to top it off, we also did some product photography for an even more impressive brand experience.

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Hungry already? Our stomachs are growling like a lion from looking at all those pictures of food on the website. It turned out to be quite difficult working on a project with pictures of haute cuisine right under your nose. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself, we dare you not to get hungry while visiting The Embassy Of Dining!